Become a PM Classic Stockist.

If you are interested in becoming a stockist of PM Classic, simply fill in the below form and we will be straight back to you with all of the information that you need to get started or if you would prefer to call us to discuss this you can reach us on 08712 887125.


With so many brands out there, why should you stock and sell PM Classic and how does it benefit you?

Get involved in a brand that gets involved with you.

Many brands put their product on your shelf and that’s as far as their involvement goes and they are on to the next reseller. At PM Classic we are interested in helping you create sell-through. Your success is our success and we do what we can to help your business thrive from stocking PM Classic.

You need point of sale? You got it.

You need staff training on the products? Just place the call.

You want to do a weekend promo with the Power Maxed team coming to your store and showing your customers how to use the products? Consider it done (we may need some notice on this one ;)..).

You don’t just become a seller of PM Classic, you become part of a community that is invested in bringing quality products to everyone.

Speaking of quality, Power Maxed prides itself on being a UK brand with UK quality. Everything we use is from the UK. We produce all of our products in the UK, our chemicals are sourced from the UK, our bottles are from the UK, everything we do is based on supporting UK businesses and bringing the type of quality that only ‘Made in the UK’ can bring.